Bagels, cookies, sandwich bread, and more!
Credit: Soozy's Grain-Free

Available nationally at stores like Whole Foods and Kroger, Soozy's Grain-Free makes everything from donuts to bagels — without using any gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, gums, sugar alcohols, or preservatives.

Some of their baked goods are also vegan, low-carb, and compatible with paleo and keto diets. But how do these almost-everything-free treats taste?

I've often spied Soozy's donuts and muffins in the frozen section of my local Whole Foods, but the brand also makes bagels, cookies, and sandwich bread (all of which are kosher, by the way).

I tasted products from each category the brand makes. Here's what you can expect.


Credit: Cooking Light

I love bagels. I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan almost exclusively because it's home to the city's best bagel shops. Gluten-free bagels, however, are a rarity in most bagel shops. At 170 calories each, S oozy's bagels are petite but filling.

They nailed the chewiness of a "real" bagel with their blend of cassava flour, almond flour, flaxseed meal, and tapioca starch. There's also a faint, barely detectable sweetness from maple syrup that adds to the satisfying flavor while still allowing you to take the bagels in both savory and sweet directions.

I went for a pesto, egg, and arugula breakfast bagel. Since Soozy's bagels are stored in the freezer, they need to be warmed in the microwave before toasting. I microwaved my bagel then toasted it in a pan with a little avocado oil spray.

Credit: Cooking Light

I think these bagels would also be a great vehicle for burgers, chicken, turkey, and cream cheese, of course. Each bagel contains 21 net carbs, 1 gram of added sugar, 4.5 grams fat, 0 saturated fat, and 4 grams of protein. They're also plant-based.


Credit: Cooking Light

Soozy's makes three flavors of gluten-free cookies : chocolate chip, birthday cake, and n'oatmeal raisin, all of which are plant-based and low in sugar. All of the cookies use Soozy's blend of almond and cassava flours with tapioca starch.

I tried the birthday cake and chocolate chip flavor cookies, which can be stored in the pantry and devoured immediately. At 80 calories and 8 net carbs each, the birthday cake flavor was my favorite.

Studded with crunchy sprinkles, the cookies have a soft-baked texture that verges on cake truffle consistency. Divine! You'd never know the sprinkles are colored with beet powder, turmeric, and spirulina. Sweetened with coconut sugar and agave syrup, each cookie has 4 grams of added sugar, 4.5 grams fat, and 2 grams saturated fat.

Credit: Cooking Light

Not quite as soft-baked as the birthday cake flavor, the chocolate chip cookies are still crave-worthy. The standout is the chocolate chips, which do not taste like grocery store chocolate chips. The addition of non-alcoholic chocolate liquor gives the chips a fancy edge. The nutritional profile of the chocolate chip cookies are the same as birthday cake, save for saturated fat, which is 2.5 grams here.

I fully intend to turn these cookies into ice cream sandwiches with a tablespoon of vegan ice cream or frozen coconut whipped cream. You could also heat them up and dunk them into a cold glass of oat milk.


Credit: Cooking Light

We all love a freshly fried doughnut. One even has to ask: Should a donut try to be healthy? I would have been torn to answer that until I tried Soozy's double chocolate donut , which packs 3 grams of protein at 160 calories and 11 net carbs per donut.

Baked not fried, this donut is moist and cake-y. Made with healthy fats from coconut oil and coconut cream, each donut has 11 grams of fat and 8 grams of saturated fat. It's also studded with the same elevated chocolate chips found in the cookies.

Sweetened with maple syrup and coconut sugar and accented by a hint of orange peel, vanilla, and sea salt, the flavor is deeply chocolatey without being too rich.

These treats are made with cage-free eggs so they're not vegan. They should be stored in the freezer and defrosted or warmed in the microwave. Other Soozy's donut flavors include maple and cinnamon sugar.


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Most gluten-free and low carb breads are a rubbery disappointment. On sight, I didn't have high hopes for Soozy's bread . It's a smaller loaf, with each slice fitting neatly in the palm of my hand.

I tried Soozy's original bread, which clocks 100 calories and 8 net carbs per slice, but there's also a seeded variety. The flavor? Buttery. The texture? While it doesn't taste like standard sandwich bread, it holds its shape, toasts well, and makes a fine sandwich or tartine. It's a very savory, decadent bread: you can taste the eggs, but the texture is not eggy, and the buttery flavor comes from avocado oil. Like the bagels, the bread is also more filling than its small stature implies.

I made a turkey and pesto tartine with Soozy's bread, and it was delicious, but I think this bread would be incredible with jam, almond butter, or any sweeter preparation.

Credit: Cooking Light

Each slice has 5 grams of fat, 1 gram saturated fat, 2 grams added sugar, and 2 grams of protein.


Credit: Cooking Light

Finally, the muffins ! Soozy's has four flavors of muffins: wild blueberry, matcha, double chocolate, and banana chocolate.

I tried the double chocolate, banana chocolate, and blueberry—and I'd rank them in that exact order. The chocolate muffin, like the chocolate donut, is moist and chocolatey, with those delectable chocolate chips.

Credit: Cooking Light

At 220 calories and 13 net carbs, the double chocolate muffin is a little more indulgent than the banana chocolate muffin, which checks in at 170 calories and 15 net carbs. Right away you get the fresh banana taste swirled with melty chocolate chips. Banana bread lovers will swoon for this.

Credit: Cooking Light

The blueberry muffin has 170 calories and 13 net carbs. While I preferred the more dessert-like muffins, the freshness of the wild blueberries definitely came through. This would be a great sweet side dish to a savory breakfast of eggs and bacon.

Credit: Cooking Light

All of the muffins contain no added sugar, have 4 grams of protein, and should be stored in the freezer and defrosted or warmed before eating.

If I had to recommend one Soozy's product, I'd point you to the bagels, because they're a standout in the hard-to-find gluten-free bagel category. My favorite sweet treat was easily the birthday cake cookies!

You can find a local stockist of Soozy's Grain-Free products here and explore all of their products here .